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My Freelance Portfolio

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Blog: Healthy lifestyle for fertility and pregnancy: a focus on nutrition

Blog: Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and female fertility

Blog: What you need to know about vaginal yeast infection (thrush)

Blog: Adenomyosis explained and its impact on fertility

Blog: The effects of cannabis on pregnancy

Blog: Father’s role beyond fertilisation

Blog: What’s it like to be born extremely early

Blog: What medications are safe/dangerous during pregnancy?

Blog: Diagnostic tools for total fertilisation failure

Blog: Assisted/artificial oocyte activation: a game changer or ticking bomb?

Blog: New knowns and unknowns about COVID-19

Blog: Can we develop immunity to COVID-19?

Blog: Coronavirus myth busters, don’t fall for them

Blog: Caution for “promising” COVID-19 treatments

Blog: Mode of transmission for COVID-19 transmission: droplet contact or airborne

Blog: What does a high viral load mean for COVID-19?

Blog: What interventions can reduce COVID-19’s healthcare demand to below maximal capacity?

Blog: How many COVID-19-infected people are asymptomatic?

Blog: What is serology/antibody test for COVID-19 and how will it work?

Blog: What is laparoscopy and why is it important in fertility 

Blog: Pre-implantation testing in IVF

Blog: Supplementation of progesterone in an IVF cycle

Blog: Aging as a disease model and therapeutic target for neurodegenerative diseases

Blog: Animal Models Of Schizophrenia

Blog: Studying autism behaviors in animal models

Blog: How to pinpoint ovulation time?

Blog: How to tell the difference between IVF clinics

Blog: Optimizing Fertility: What Determines Egg and Sperm Quality?

Blog: Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT)

Blog: Frozen embryo vs Fresh embryo transfer: is one better?

Blog: IUI success rate and female factors: follicle characteristics

Blog: IUI success rate and male factors: sperm characteristics

Blog: IVF with ICSI Success Rates by Ages and Infertility Factors

Blog: What is IVF success rate? 10 important factors to consider

Blog: Male factor infertility IVF success rates

Blog: Female factor infertility IVF success rates: PCOS, Low ovarian reserve, Endometriosis and more

Blog: Donor egg IVF success rates

Blog: IVF success rates under 35

Blog: Parenthood for Same-Sex Couples

Blog: Can Xcode Life tell you what to eat and how to gym?

Blog: Is GenomeLink legit? A comprehensive review

Blog: How to use SNPedia – The wikipedia for SNPs and powerhouse for Promethease

Blog: SelfDecode: Way to hack your genetic code and transform your health?

Blog: Gene Plaza – Things you should know before using app store for genetics

Blog: GEDMatch Genesis: 7 things you should know before using GEDMatch

Blog: DNAGedcom – The ultimate tool for finding your missing family with genetics

Blog: DNA.Land Review: Accuracy, Report Example, Ancestry and Trait Report

Blog: LiveWello – The ultimate genetic toolbox for managing your health

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Health & Fitness

Blog: Are there risks of getting coronavirus during grocery shopping?

Blog: Tips for staying healthy during quarantine

Blog6 postpartum imperfections and how to care for them

Blog: 8 types of yoga explained and what to wear for each

Blog: Why you need the right workout clothes and how to choose them

Blog: How can boric acid suppositories get to the root cause of vaginal infections?

Blog: What does science say about the health benefits of cold water immersion?

Blog: The simple act of eating healthy holds promise to depression prevention

Blog: Combating diabetes: latest research and approaches

Blog: Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Gut Health

Blog: Top fitness training tips for vegetarians

Blog: Why total body training gives you the best powerlifting results

Blog: Why is core strength so important for powerlifting and bodybuilding

Blog: Using fitness to recover from PTSD as a veteran or service member

Blog: How to stay fit and sane during quarantine

Powerpoint: Introduction to bacteria and antibiotic resistance



Blog: How to boost your immune system with food and prepare the fight for coronavirus

BlogIs bread healthy? How to select wisely with these simple tricks

Blog: Top 10 Superfoods – how many do you eat?

Blog: Eating a Vegan Burger Improves Your Diabetes. Or does it?

Blog: Plant-based Parental Nutrition: Effects on Fertility and Pregnancy

Blog: Considering the ketogenic diet? Read and think again

Blog: Inflammatory foods are misunderstood and the truth about food sensitivity

Blog: 10 nutritious vegan staples for your pantry

Blog5 secrets to dieting safely 

Blog: Who are at risk for iodine deficiency and how to prevent it on a vegan diet

Blog: Disease-fighting phytonutrients – power of real plant foods

Blog: How much protein do you need and where to get it on a vegan diet? Myths and tips


BlogHow do we nourish a future population of 10 billion people within planetary boundaries?

Blog: Australia’s war on waste: what you need to know

BlogWhat can you reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle

BlogCouncil rubbish pick-up – Do’s and Don’ts

BlogIllegal Dumping – Everything you need to know 



Blog: How to stay healthy and sane during qurantine?

Blog: 7 benefits of using menstrual cups

Blog: Support for expecting and new mums during COVID-19

Blog: Vegan struggle – how to avoid unhealthy event food when the temptation is real

Blog: The best tool every vegan should use to talk about veganism

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